RC Aerial Videography Reels

RC Aerial Videography

SkySight is an industry leading RC aerial videography company, operating state of the art radio-controlled helicopters capable of carrying high-definition, gyro-stabilized cameras for stunning close-range video and images.

Commercial Production Specialists with RED Epic Capability

Using reliable, safe, and non-invasive RC aerial filming platforms, SkySight integrates with full-scale production teams to create captivating and memorable aerial imagery, providing a simple and cost-effective solution for capturing low-altitude overhead footage that’s guaranteed to add value to your production.

Why Use RC?

The recent advent of professional remote-controlled filming technology provides the ability to show viewers remarkably smooth high-definition aerial footage from a perspective that has never been seen before. Production companies around the world are starting to take advantage of this, and finding that it’s a game changer for many reasons:

  • Versatility, Mobility
  • Rapid Deployment and Recovery
  • Quiet and Safe
  • Cut Cost, not Quality

How Does RC Videography Work?

Two people, a pilot and a cameraman fly our revolutionary crafts. While the pilot navigates the helicopter along a chosen flight path, the cameraman is able to independently frame and track subjects using a high-definition downlink displayed on a ground based monitor. This capability has the added benefit of allowing the director/DP to review and recapture scenes as needed, in real-time. Almost any camera under 10 lbs can be mounted on the craft’s 3-axis digitally stabilized gimbal, allowing 360 degrees of pan, and 90 degrees of tilt, while simultaneously stabilizing these axis and maintaining a perfectly level horizon.