About Us


We are a family company—we live, work and play together, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Having these close relationships within our business has been to our advantage in an industry where the work environment can often be stressful or high risk, and communication is paramount. Riding the forefront of a now rapidly growing industry, SkySight has established itself as one of the most reliable and pleasant teams to work with on set.
SkySight was born from the minds of a few lifelong tinkerers who grew up taking everything apart and building RC cars and gliders. Bolstered by studies and careers in engineering, aerospace, physics and biology, SkySight is more than a company; it is the expression of a lifelong passion and a choice to live life differently.


Meet the team


Here are a few windows into our adventuresome spirit

IMAX 50th Anniversary

Client: IMAX

Production Company: Sailor Productions

Location: Svalbard Norway

Director: Daniel Green

Producer: Sebastien Baribeau

This IMAX film focuses on celebrating 50 years of IMAX production from land, air and sea. This particular segment highlights images captured by a female diver in Svalbard. Shooting with the Alexa 65 and Alexa-mini, our mission was simple — capture images of the arctic landscape from glaciers, fjords, polar bears, and our underwater dive team. With 24 hours of beautiful low light, we embarked on one of our most successful and memorable shoots to date. This project presented a very unique set of challenges being located at the 71st parallel north. With technology that relies on GPS and Satellites the Arctic Circle is known for being a “drone graveyard.” Luckily we did our homework and logged hours of manual flight time over the ocean.

Freefly Alta Promo

Client: Freefly Systems
Collaboration: Red Digital Cinema, Quadrocopter
Production Company: Camp 4 Collective
Director: Renan Ozturk
Aerial BTS: Jeff Scholl and Victor Lee

It was an incredible honor being selected as the aerial team for Freefly’s ALTA promo video which has now grown to become the world’s most reliable cinema drone. There’s a lot to learn working alongside director Renan Ozturk, and this was a perfect stage for our skillset. As a team we hustled both night and day, and somehow still found enough time for a couple brief dirt naps and a few good laughs around a cold beer in the intense desert heat.


Client: Polaris Industries
Production Company: Media Loft
Director: Eric Olsen
DP: Steve Speers

If you’re looking for a prime example of our Motion Cinema capabilities, we recommend browsing our Polaris commercials and running footage. Our long term relationship highlights the visual masterpieces created when high-end drone technology is used to elevate production value.

Bob Gordon

Client: Djarum
Production Company: Bob Gordon Films
Director: Andy Shaffer
Locations: Moab, Bolivia, and Panama

These action packed spots showcase our ability to overcome the most challenging of shoot environments. Most scenes only allow for 1 take leaving the videographer two choices — frame it high and wide to be safe, or compose close-up dynamic tracking shots. We thrive in these situations and always push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Client: Miller Coors Brewing Company
Agency: Cavalry | 72 & Sunny
Production Company: Furlined LLC | Biscuit Filmworks | Farmleague
Directors: Noam Murro, Douglas Avery
Locations: Golden & Silverthorne CO

With the original Coors Brewery in our back yard, we’re proud to have our aerials front-and-center on 3 primetime commercial spots. Working with some of the most talented producers, directors and agencies out of LA is an honor considering the saturated pool of aerial teams to choose from. These spots were all during harsh winter conditions from 10,000-14,000 feet elevation.

GMC | Tilly Surfboards

Client: GMC
Production Company: Philo Media
Agency: Carat / The Story Lab
Producer: Noah Goldsmith
Director: David Tindale
Location: Bandon, OR

Long flights on the beach, smooth waves, glistening sunsets. Also, flip-flops.